Celebrate Christmas 2020 with SomeShine’s Warm Gifts

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When the end of a year comes, Christmas is the holiday that almost every child and adult expects the most. During Christmas, people gather with their loved ones and create memorable memories together. It is also the time to show affection and gratitude by giving gifts to each other.
Presents are different in meaning every year. Whenever you see that special gift, it can let you recall how special that year was.
So… any ideas for this year?

Last year’s gift was a stuffed toy, the year before that was a ball, what should I give them this year…?

When it comes to Christmas, parents are always troubled by choosing the best present that can make their sweet darlings excited and memorable. This year, SomeShine is here to give you ideas. We have selected many different types of cute gifts, suitable for children from young toddlers to kids around school age.

Check out the Chritsmas gift list SomeShine prepared for you!

1. Detachable Wall Light – Cute animals that you can bring anywhere you go. Tap to lighten up. Get your kids into the good habit of returning things to where they belong.


▲From left to right: Detachable Wall Light – Baby Bunny, Detachable Wall Light – Tiger No.3


2. Wooden Silhouette Wall Light – The wooden texture can warm up the atmosphere in your room. Easily press the lower surface to lighten up.



▲From left to right: Wooden Silhouette Wall Light – Rocket, Wooden Silhouette Wall Light – Cactus, Wooden Silhouette Wall Light – Saturn


3. Music Star Projector – Sleep with stars as if you were in outer space, sweet sweet dreams with gentle music.


▲From left to right: Music Star Projector – Cloud Blue, Music Star Projector – Carousel Pink


4. Rechargeable Night Light – Many different designs to choose from. Petite size, easy for young children to hold in their hands. Recharge easily with micro USB.

▲Upper left to right: Rechargeable Night Light – Fox, Rechargeable Night Light – Panda, Rechargeable Night Light – Cat, Rechargeable Night Light – Polar Bear

Lower left to right: Rechargeable Night Light – Moon, Rechargeable Night Light – Star, Rechargeable Night Light – Cloud



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