Creating SomeShine Around Your Life

SOME SHINE is inspired by the interesting things we find in life.

Create SOME SHINE to bring a smile to your face.

Add extraordinary brilliance to your life.

SomeShine Story

SomeShine was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide founder’s baby daughter an excellent sleeping quality all night. 

The creation of our brand is inspired by the interesting things we find in our daily life, each light is transformed by innovative ideas with the assurance of quality control and unique design.

As a household brand for parents, we understand that you are looking forward to a brand-new life with your newborn baby. Every SomeShine product can make your kids room decoration fun and warm, accompanying your little ones to their dreams every night. With caring and love, we as parents too wish to

“Creating SomeShine Around Your Life”

Our Team

Our team is backed by a brilliant team that has been designing and manufacturing baby and kids LED night lights for over 10 years.

SomeShine leverages this experience to keep designing product that create “SOMESHINE in your daily life”.

From Taiwan to the World

We’ve been devoting ourselves into exporting our products to the world.
With the efforts of the brand team, you can already see our products in Europe, Asia and America.