SomeShine’s original project “DOODLER” passed the SiTi (Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry) of the Taipei City Government!

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SomeShine has continued to devote time and effort in children’s night lights for decades. We have always paid great attention to the quality and safety of night lights used by children, and now we want to do more meaningful things for children.
After many years of observation and market research, we began to think, “There seems to be no night light on the market that is both educational and helpful to children.”
Therefore, in 2021, SomeShine’s original project “DOODLER: Parent-child Interactive IP Night Light” was born!!

The Origin of DOODLER

“Doodler” is derived from doodle, which means that we hope to bring different artistic energy to people. “Doodler” is an IP role combining prototype characters and different animal appearances. Each Doodler has different Interests, personality and superpowers, this team of 4 doodlers will lead viewers to create a wonderful storyline.

↑The four members of the Doodle team (click the pictures to understand their stories)

The central idea of the DOODLER project

According to research, sleep accounts for about one-third of everyone’s life time, but many people are unable to have good sleep quality because of fear of dark, light sleep or environmental influences. These people also include many growing children, and the inability to get quality sleep has a great impact on children.
The DOODLER project is a solution to improve the sleep quality of these children.

This project uses IP characters, original stickers and stories to enable parents to have fun with their little babies at home. Children can freely change the night light’s expressions and decorative stickers based on the story’s plot. The night light can also accompany the children entering dreamland safely after they get tired of playing. “DOODLER: Parent-child Interactive IP Night Light” is a brand new night light that can be interactive and full of education.

How do we implement the project

The SomeShine team has invested a lot of time and effort to develop DOODLER. From sketch design, sticker design, proofing to production, after repeated tests and adjustments, the “DOODLER: Parent-Child Interaction IP Night Light” is finally available. In order to verify our efforts and execute the project, we proposed to “Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry (SiTi)“. After competing with nearly 100 companies, we finally stood out in the 99th SiTi and received R&D subsidies. We expect to complete and release the product in 2021.

DOODLER products

↑From top to bottom: Sticker Doodle Parent-child Interactive Rechargeable Night Light – MillyBagelLomiPang

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