SomeShine in Eslite Taiwan

By November 1, 2019 March 22nd, 2024 No Comments

SomeShine is proud to have our products in the Eslite Bookstore. Eslite Bookstore is one of the largest retail bookstore chains in Taiwan. It also provides one of the largest English language publications and translation materials in Taiwan. Its headquarters are in Xinyi District, Taipei.

Our adorable unicorn makes a great display on the shelf. Its soft glow keeps you feeling safe at night.

These cute Detachable Wall Lights are super popular here. Just tap the head of the light to turn it on/off.

Look at these lovely night lights sitting here quietly, accompanying everyone who comes to Eslite.

A Taiwanese Brand in An Iconic Taiwanese Store. SomeShine feels ready to take over the world by storm. We give our best to the country where we come from.

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