SomeShine participates in the 2022 Taipei Expo & Taipei Flavor Market

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2022 Taipei Expo has been held from August 27 to September 11 at the Expo Dome in Taipei EXPO Park. Taipei Expo explores the city with the theme of “The Future of Taipei”, setting up 7 large exhibition areas and 28 sub-topics, and joining in thoughts and actions in the 56,944 sq. ft. space to determine the future of Taipei in the next second! During the expo, there will be a different outdoor bazaar, where many design brands will participate for a limited time!
This time, SomeShine and DOODLER are lucky to be invited to participate in Taipei Flavor Market at Taipei Expo, which brings together professionals, design, culture and creativity, agriculture, floral aesthetics and style dining to create Taipei city values and lifestyle.

▲Taipei Expo promotional poster

Bazaar Photo Record

▲ Taipei Flavor Market in Taipei EXPO Park

▲Exquisite booth provided by the organizer

▲We are setting up booth in Taipei EXPO Park, and people passing by are attracted to visit.

▲As soon as the activity time is up, many mothers and children come to see us.

▲The children were attracted by DOODLER.

▲DOODLER is waiting to make friends with the children at booth.

▲Children like to use stickers to put new expressions on DOODLER.

▲Children are studying how to combine stickers to look best.

▲ Boys and girls have created DOODLER with their own style and personality.

▲The child is very serious in creating his own DOODLER.

▲The sky is getting dark, when we turn on the night lights, we become the most eye-catching booth in the Expo.

▲The two-day Taipei Expo|Taipei Flavor Market ended successfully


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