2020 Special Collaboration – LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine

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In September 2020, SomeShine brings you the second good news. We are collaborating with the Danish brand LUCKYBOYSUNDAY!
It is our honour to collaborate with LUCKYBOYSUNDAY (, a brand that specializes in contemporary luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings.
About this collaboration

LUCKYBOYSUNDAY was founded in Copenhagen in 2007. The brand focuses on combining top quality and edgy loud speaking design, and has been sold in more than 35 countries around the world. They say “We think everyone should have a best friend, so that’s what we aim to design and give people. Small or big, there’s one for everyone.” SomeShine saw the common ground in the design and concept of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY, which led to this collaboration!

Combining the cute character design of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY and the special expertise of SomeShine team, three extremely cute rechargeable night lights and three bath toys were born!

Characters and products in the collaboration

In this collaboration, SomeShine and LUCKYBOYSUNDAY brought three cute and mischievous characters called Bon Bon, Nulle and Balthazar, each of them has its own personality and preferences.

Bonbon likes to take a nap and wake up after breakfast is prepared for her. Nulle is the cutest rabbit in his family, and his thoughts are very positive. Balthazar has sharp moustache, he likes the windy west coast of Denmark, so he always wears a hat so that his ears will not be cold.

These three special characters were designed as rechargeable night light and bath toys in cooperation.


▲LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine Rechargeable Night Light

▲LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine Bath Toy

LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine products were first released at the Maison & Objet digital fair

The product of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine collaboration was first released at the Maison & Objet digital fair. During the exhibition, many people asked about the product of this collaboration and wanted to learn more about the product.

See more product details of LUCKYBOYSUNDAY ╳ SomeShine collaboration


We are grateful to collaborate with a company values the same little “Shine” in life.


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