FAQ – Batteries Operated Night Lights (Suitable for night light with AAA and AA batteries)

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We have collected questions from customers and wrote them in this article.
If you have any questions when using our rechargeable products, please refer to this article.

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Q: Will the night light be too bright to affect the kids’ sleep quality?

A: The night light comes with two brightness settings, bright and dim. Both brightnesses are suitable for kids to sleep with. Both modes have the automatic timer turn off function by default. It will allow the room to stay dark after the kids are asleep for the best sleeping quality.


Q: Will the night light be too dark brightness to see the surrounding?

A: The night light comes with two brightness settings, bright and dim. So, users can choose between two settings for them to see and feel safe at night.


Q: Will the night light get hot?

A: The night light uses cool LED Lights. It never gets hot.


Q: How long can be used when I install new batteries?

A: A brand new set of Alkaline based batteries will last for around 75~100 hours of operation.


Q: Can it be installed with different batteries?

A: We suggest installing the same specifications and brand batteries. Please do not mix new and old batteries.


Q: Can alkaline batteries be installed?

A: Yes, alkaline batteries can be installed for longer operating hours.


Q: Can it be put into the bathroom as the bath toy for kids?

A: The product is not designed to be waterproof. Please do not use it in a damp condition or bathroom as the bath toy. It will easily damage the product.


Q: Do I always need to fix the battery cover with screws?

A: Although our products are designed to have the battery cover stay closed, it is by regulation to keep the safety screws in place to keep the small kids away from batteries.


Q: Can we wash the night light?

A: No! Cleaning the night light with a damp cloth will be sufficient.


Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: We warrant the Product to you against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of your original retail purchase.

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