SomeShine ╳ MajiMeow, the 1st 🔥Taiwan Character and Creative Show🔥 With over 170 Original Creators 🥰 Support Taiwanese Creators 💪

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SomeShine and our good partner MajiMeow participated in the first 👉Taiwan Character and Creative Show in 2022, together with more than 170 original creators to support Taiwan’s original creations💪.

What is Taiwan Character and Creative Show?

Taiwan Character and Creative Show is co-organized by Taiwan Character Brand Licensing Association(TCBLA) and Comic World Taiwan Technology Co., Ltd.(CWT). The show aims to promote Taiwanese IP to a wider audience, allowing more exchanges between original brands and creating more business opportunities. The show brought together more than 170 original Taiwanese brands and creators of images, characters, animation, comics, illustration, games, novels, and creative design. There were more than 200 Taiwan original brand booths on site.

▲ The first day of the show, Taipei City Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang came to the scene to support Taiwan original creators and give encouragement, saying that in the future the Taipei City Government will help Taiwan creators to have more exposure and cooperation opportunities for exhibition.

▲ Legislative members Wayne Chiang also came to the scene to support the original creator in Taiwan, and published an article to promote it on FB. Click here to read the article.

▲ Children are very interested in our MajiMeow night light. Buy here

▲The designer of MajiMeow autographs and draws cute illustrations for fans on the spot.

▲There are many outstanding creators on the scene, and their works are worth learning from.

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