Decorative String Lights – Spooky


Ready for new home decoration yet?
How about trying a little cute spooky string light, with 10 mini cutest ever ghosts on the string, using their classical adorable scary pose to decorate your room.
Soft LED light glow from their tiny bodies, make the holiday atmosphere even better.

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– Product Description –
Decorative String Lights / Spooky
Product size: 4 x 2 x 4 cm, Length 120 cm

  • Cool to the touch. Durable, non‐toxic and easy to clean.
  • ON/OFF button.
  • Features timer mode (more below).
  • 3×AAA batteries required (Not included).
  • Safe for aged 0+ (CE and EN71 certified).

Our string light series give your house a glamorous glowing look.

From SomeShine, the brand that lights up your life.
The spooky string lights is made by our professional research develop team with ten years of experience.

Grab a string of these little tiny cute ghost to light up your home.
3xAAA batteries required | LED bulb | Long battery lifespan

– Production Information –
Item number: QL-BC161GS2WX
Product size: 4 x 2 x 4 cm, Length 120 cm
Product material: Phthalate free PVC、LED bulb
Operating time: 26 hours
3×AAA batteries required (Not included).
Manual included. Please read the manual carefully before use.
Made in China

– Production Function –
1 hour timer.
ON: Features timer mode which will fade to off after 1 hour.
OFF: Timer can be canceled by press down and hold the light button for 3 seconds.

1. Please find the traingle symbol on the battery cover.
2. Put the thumb on the OPEN logo and press down firmly.
3. Meanwhile slids the battery cover down in the direction of the triangle symbol.